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Bats and Bones

Bats and Bones was originally released in 1998 as a CD. In the following years, the author was asked repeatedly by his fans to produce this work in print. He promised that someday, he would. Last year, while working with Rachel Betz on the design and layout for Wages Creek, it was decided to let Rachel do some illustrations, along with design and layout, for Bats and Bones. In addition to Rachel's drawings and turning the entire project to print, the audio was remastered by Robin Livingston.

Now, at long last, Bats and Bones is as it always should have been--in print and audio.

Jeffrey Hickey wrote the stories, the music, and he does all voices for the audio book.

Karen Kiser does the cover art, and plays some penny whistle and piano.

Rachel Betz does all the inside drawings, layout and design.

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